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SciFi - Star Wars

A must in computer graphics: Star Wars spaceships :)

Millennium Falcon

Another shot... Still the old model.
Millennium Falcon reaching Cloud City

This is a very old version of my Falcon-model.
Star Wars openingshot

Was supposed to look like the second shot of StarWars (forgot about the first one...)
Full view of a Star Destroyer
Close-up of a Star Destroyer

Although I think the camera is still about 1km away of the ship :-)
The escape of Red 3

That Star Destroyer model is actually very detailed!
Landed X-Wing Fighter

BTW: this X-Wing isn't my model. I just textured it.
Star Destroyer

Back view of the new model
Star Destroyer

A new model... Slightly better than the previous version.
Star Destroyer

Other view of the same new model.
Millennium Falcon

This time with 1 area_light and a blue sky_sphere instead of a white one. The ground has a better texture also.
Three X-Wings in formation

Based on an image I found somewhere on the StarWars Modelling Alliance...
Millennium Falcon

Full radiosity-lighting (no light_sources)
And again, the Falcon...
Falcon again :-)
Millennium Falcon

The new model.
If anyone's interested, I'll upload a page where I explain how I made it.
Star Destroyer

Image to show the underside of the Star Destroyer. Still not finished, and it'll probably never be finished :-(
Naboo Fighter

Not very good, I know... It's pure CSG and I hadn't seen the movie yet when I made this.
Darth Maul's lightsabre

Well, not really, but it looks a bit like it :-)
Luke's lightsabre

From Return Of The Jedi
Good old Falcon

Not long after this shot, I started working on a completely new model.
The Falcon again

Slightly improved model
Attacking the Death Star

Ok, the Death Star looks a bit simple, I know...